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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

6 more Tula blocks done! Plugging away slowly at this project, but likely the results so far. I found some Joel Dewberry print in the yellow/green colorway I'm using while looking through the stash for something else. It's just what I needed to add to this combo I have going on!

Blocks 7-12

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fat Quarterly

Oh no...more online inspiration

Fat Quarterly

My project list and fabric obsession is dooommmmmmeeeedd!!!

Hello Spring! Bag complete:

Front (fun handles, right?)

Inside, love this print

Back View

Out of nowhere, all my intentions were thrown into making this bag a reality from my brain. I loosely used The Lazy Girl Pattern "Miranda" and Sara Lawson's Conversation bag for patchworking to make this bag happen. Now, just need some warmer weather. I think I'm going to start carrying it anyways, it just makes me smile!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Well another week, another horrible head cold, and another 4 days of no school for the kiddo. (SIGH)

This should be my productive week, but I was so sick the first part of it that I had to waste 2 days in bed, then the new season of "The Walking Dead" sucked me in for a night, so my crafting has been minimal this week. However, once I did get up to the sewing room, I became terribly distracted by this Boxy ouch tutorial by Pink Stitches.
Mine did not quite turn out, but I had a good learning experience and will be making improved boxy pouches in the future.

For this larger pouch, you start with a 10X15" panel. When it comes time to box the corners, you have to cut out a 3.5" square from each corner! That is a huge chunk. I was so disappointed because I lost all that fabric from the corners. Next, I will start with those pieces already cut out of my batting. No waste and less bulk. Also, I used batting only, when it could really use some fusible fleece to make it more sturdy on it's own. This technique for adding a zipper was new to me though, and super easy! I will be using that in the future as well.. So not a total loss, but not the perfect finished project I was hoping for.

Also, since it's going to be the coldest days of my life ever this week. I'm making a new spring bag. It's a patchwork bag, made using 2.5" squares that I had cut out when I make my green conversation bag in December. It has bright pinks and blues and flowers. Makes me happy and will hopefully be done tonight or tomorrow.

I got the boarder on my pink baby quilt too.

Pink Baby quilt with border
Closeup of HST
Now, need to buy some minky and get it quilted (nervous....) Really hoping it turns out, it's so pretty!

So a slow week, but will hopefully make some progress the next couple days before back to work. I finally had inspiration to  make my "In My Room" shower curtain too! Been sketching some plans out and dug out all the fabric to get the visual rolling. Can't wait to start that too. I hate my current shower curtain, everyday I hate it, but I just wasn't sure how to fix it until recently....wo-hoo!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

First 6 Tula City Sampler Blocks:

The color combo is a little crazy, but I'm thinking I like it so far. Brown, pink, turquoise, and green, then various shades of the same. Lots of prints. We'll see what becomes of it. Having fun so far and only had to tear one block up because I pieced it all wrong. Block 2 is my favorite so far. Hoping to sew a little tomorrow during baby boy's nap, then it's back to work for the week. BLAH!!!! Hate that I have to abandon my crafting every other week, but grateful to have a good job that pays for my fabric addiction!

First finish of 2014! It's an Aragon Bag from
I made this bag for my niece, Rachel. She is going on a mission trip in February and I though she could use a fun, but functional bag to make the journey. Overall, this bag is awesome! It has great structure and tons of pockets. The only thing I didn't like was that it actually finishes wrong sides together. Since you end up with raw edges in the lining, you have to bind them with bias tape. There really are not enough 4-letter words to describe my feelings about bias tape. As usual, I had lots of problems getting the tape on smoothly. So the inside is not nearly as pretty as the rest of it. Lesson to take to the next Aragon bag, make sure to cut all the interfacing 1/2" shorter than the pattern pieces. I had a lot of bulk in the seams because I didn't trim my interfacing. Why is that so hard for me to remember??? Hopefully writing it down will help. I will definitely be making this bag again. I want one of my own!

Rachel's Mission Bag (front)

Rachel's Mission Bag (inside)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Another crazy work week is over, hurr-ah!!! What a nutty week, with all the snow and freezing temps, the hospital was extra busy. Glad to be home and ready for some midnight sewing sessions. I thought it might be good to make a year long to do list of what I'd like to accomplish crafty wise in 2014. That list quickly became overwhelming, so I think a monthly list may be more beneficial. So for the month of January, my goals are as follows:

-Complete Rachel's overnight bag (needs to be done by February so she can take it on her mission trip) So proud of that girl!
-Complete the pink baby quilt that is my "prototype" for the math quilt I want to make for my friend's baby that is due early April
-Start some Tula City Sampler blocks (I want to complete one of the quilts from this book by the end of the year)
-Complete a bag from the new Sew Sweetness bag of the month pattern

Those are some pretty lofty goals considering my sewing time is after the kids go to bed, and only every other week since I spend 7 nights in a row working at the hospital and those days trying to sleep and maintain some sort of family time. But, I do accomplish things when I want these two bags that finished my crafting for 2013. Rachel's elephant bag and Hannah's Recipe bag were Christmas gifts for my nieces. They might be my favorite creations ever. I just fell in love with those prints and look forward to using them in more projects! I'll be so grateful when the weather breaks and I can take pictures outside. Hanging bags on chairs just isn't as cute as hanging on a tree or the deck. Hurry up Spring!!!!
Rachel's Elephant bag front 
Rachel's Elephant bag back

Rachel's Elephant bag inside

Hannah's Recipe bag front

Hannah's Recipe bag inside
Hannah's Recipe bag back

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Guess what was in my email this morning...a new bag pattern from Sew Sweetness!

As I am in love with all of Sara Lawson's patterns, I was especially excited to get my first "Bag of the Month" pattern. It looks super cute and functional. I have to admit the zipper might be challenging. I've never put a zipper in quite like she has done, but I'm up for a new discovery. Can't wait to try this bag out, once I finish the 3 other projects on my to-do list in the old sewing room.

Speaking of new discoveries. How about a blog? A blog about all things crafty that I adore? A blog written by Betsy (that's me!). Well here I am, on the web, speaking my mind, sharing my creativeness and enjoying the ride. As I have just recently discovered the crafty blogging world, it seems apparent that I need my own blog to truly engage with all the other crafters out there. I have been inspired and amazed by what people are doing in this world. I am thrilled to be a part of it.

If you stumble across this blog, feel free to comment or offer advise, as I am a blogging newbie. I plan to share pictures and links of my projects and life lessons. It's strange how much I can learn while sewing away in my "sanctuary" after the kids are asleep. So here goes the new adventure. Welcome to BubbleGum Bags! Wo-hoo!!!!

Welcome to BubbleGum Bags official blog!

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