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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Another crazy work week is over, hurr-ah!!! What a nutty week, with all the snow and freezing temps, the hospital was extra busy. Glad to be home and ready for some midnight sewing sessions. I thought it might be good to make a year long to do list of what I'd like to accomplish crafty wise in 2014. That list quickly became overwhelming, so I think a monthly list may be more beneficial. So for the month of January, my goals are as follows:

-Complete Rachel's overnight bag (needs to be done by February so she can take it on her mission trip) So proud of that girl!
-Complete the pink baby quilt that is my "prototype" for the math quilt I want to make for my friend's baby that is due early April
-Start some Tula City Sampler blocks (I want to complete one of the quilts from this book by the end of the year)
-Complete a bag from the new Sew Sweetness bag of the month pattern

Those are some pretty lofty goals considering my sewing time is after the kids go to bed, and only every other week since I spend 7 nights in a row working at the hospital and those days trying to sleep and maintain some sort of family time. But, I do accomplish things when I want these two bags that finished my crafting for 2013. Rachel's elephant bag and Hannah's Recipe bag were Christmas gifts for my nieces. They might be my favorite creations ever. I just fell in love with those prints and look forward to using them in more projects! I'll be so grateful when the weather breaks and I can take pictures outside. Hanging bags on chairs just isn't as cute as hanging on a tree or the deck. Hurry up Spring!!!!
Rachel's Elephant bag front 
Rachel's Elephant bag back

Rachel's Elephant bag inside

Hannah's Recipe bag front

Hannah's Recipe bag inside
Hannah's Recipe bag back

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