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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

First finish of 2014! It's an Aragon Bag from
I made this bag for my niece, Rachel. She is going on a mission trip in February and I though she could use a fun, but functional bag to make the journey. Overall, this bag is awesome! It has great structure and tons of pockets. The only thing I didn't like was that it actually finishes wrong sides together. Since you end up with raw edges in the lining, you have to bind them with bias tape. There really are not enough 4-letter words to describe my feelings about bias tape. As usual, I had lots of problems getting the tape on smoothly. So the inside is not nearly as pretty as the rest of it. Lesson to take to the next Aragon bag, make sure to cut all the interfacing 1/2" shorter than the pattern pieces. I had a lot of bulk in the seams because I didn't trim my interfacing. Why is that so hard for me to remember??? Hopefully writing it down will help. I will definitely be making this bag again. I want one of my own!

Rachel's Mission Bag (front)

Rachel's Mission Bag (inside)

Rachel's Mission Bag (side)


Rachel's Mission Bag (back)

 Hey, guess what!? I also got the first two blocks for my Tula Pink city sample quilt done last night,. The January goals are actually getting accomplished, Wo-hoo!!!

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