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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Guess what was in my email this morning...a new bag pattern from Sew Sweetness!

As I am in love with all of Sara Lawson's patterns, I was especially excited to get my first "Bag of the Month" pattern. It looks super cute and functional. I have to admit the zipper might be challenging. I've never put a zipper in quite like she has done, but I'm up for a new discovery. Can't wait to try this bag out, once I finish the 3 other projects on my to-do list in the old sewing room.

Speaking of new discoveries. How about a blog? A blog about all things crafty that I adore? A blog written by Betsy (that's me!). Well here I am, on the web, speaking my mind, sharing my creativeness and enjoying the ride. As I have just recently discovered the crafty blogging world, it seems apparent that I need my own blog to truly engage with all the other crafters out there. I have been inspired and amazed by what people are doing in this world. I am thrilled to be a part of it.

If you stumble across this blog, feel free to comment or offer advise, as I am a blogging newbie. I plan to share pictures and links of my projects and life lessons. It's strange how much I can learn while sewing away in my "sanctuary" after the kids are asleep. So here goes the new adventure. Welcome to BubbleGum Bags! Wo-hoo!!!!

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