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Monday, January 27, 2014

Well another week, another horrible head cold, and another 4 days of no school for the kiddo. (SIGH)

This should be my productive week, but I was so sick the first part of it that I had to waste 2 days in bed, then the new season of "The Walking Dead" sucked me in for a night, so my crafting has been minimal this week. However, once I did get up to the sewing room, I became terribly distracted by this Boxy ouch tutorial by Pink Stitches.
Mine did not quite turn out, but I had a good learning experience and will be making improved boxy pouches in the future.

For this larger pouch, you start with a 10X15" panel. When it comes time to box the corners, you have to cut out a 3.5" square from each corner! That is a huge chunk. I was so disappointed because I lost all that fabric from the corners. Next, I will start with those pieces already cut out of my batting. No waste and less bulk. Also, I used batting only, when it could really use some fusible fleece to make it more sturdy on it's own. This technique for adding a zipper was new to me though, and super easy! I will be using that in the future as well.. So not a total loss, but not the perfect finished project I was hoping for.

Also, since it's going to be the coldest days of my life ever this week. I'm making a new spring bag. It's a patchwork bag, made using 2.5" squares that I had cut out when I make my green conversation bag in December. It has bright pinks and blues and flowers. Makes me happy and will hopefully be done tonight or tomorrow.

I got the boarder on my pink baby quilt too.

Pink Baby quilt with border
Closeup of HST
Now, need to buy some minky and get it quilted (nervous....) Really hoping it turns out, it's so pretty!

So a slow week, but will hopefully make some progress the next couple days before back to work. I finally had inspiration to  make my "In My Room" shower curtain too! Been sketching some plans out and dug out all the fabric to get the visual rolling. Can't wait to start that too. I hate my current shower curtain, everyday I hate it, but I just wasn't sure how to fix it until recently....wo-hoo!

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