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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Math Basket and Park West Birdie Bag

A quick pic of my Noodlehead Divided Basket (apologies for the awful pictures, I'm just running out of time to get decent ones taken!)
It's the "math basket" for my math professor friend's new baby coming in April. I'm making a quilt to match as well. In short, this pattern is awesome!!! It's so cute and smart. Comes together super fast (maybe 3 hours total) So cute. Love it. Can't wait to try some more Noodlehead patterns. I have the Supertote downloaded as well and it just shot up the old to-do-next list.

Math basket front, cute pocket option added

Math Basket back 

Math basket inside, thought this divider might be tricky, but it's very simple
I also competed a Park West Bag from SewSweetness this week. I'll post a pic from my phone, but I'm hoping to get some better ones taken soon. I love the fabric,but I'm not totally sold on this design yet. I had trouble with the accent pieces lining up and the recessed zipper panel is kinda cumbersome to get in and out of. Plus it seems like the inside could use some more pockets or organizing too. Need to make some mods for the next one of these. I do however LOVE the side pockets on the outside of this bag. They are really easy, but super cute and the accents on them are the perfect touch. It will be a while before I tackle another Park West Bag though, too many other things to finish first!

Park West Birdie bag front
Park West Birdie Bag inside and sipper panel
Park West Birdie Bag side view

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