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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I am a Fabriholic and I am honestly trying to curb my addiction this year. I have a new budget and a new state of mind and will only be buying the Fat quarter stash stack and the no prints allowed 1/2 yard bundles in monthly increments from Pink Castle Fabrics. I had already signed up for these clubs and feel that I have to get some more variety in my stash for the new quilting adventures I'm taking on. I will not be randomly buying fun fabrics just because I'm bored and they are adorable. I'm in it for reals!!!! My hubby is quite excited too and helping to keep me honest. I really, really wanted some Mulberry Glow the other night, but he wouldn't let me and I thanked him later. So, I will be using my stash this year, quite aggressively and only purchasing something to finish a current project. Whew!

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