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Friday, March 21, 2014

Hannah's Birthday Bag!

A finished project....and on time!! Wo-hoo! Tomorrow is my niece, Hannah's 17th birthday and I have completed her bag. It is the Sewing Patterns by Mrs. H convertible bag from the Bag of the Month Club. I'm really loving this club because it is bringing me patterns that I would not normally choose myself. Like this pattern, I know I would never have bought it on my own, just didn't really appeal to me at first. But, when I saw it could be a cross body bag or a small backpack, I thought it would be perfect for Hannah. And that girl loves some polka dots (who doesn't, right!) So with her birthday quickly approaching, I decided to give this pattern a go. I have to admit finding that thumb catch was a bit challenging. We have a Jo-Anns, Hobby Lobby, and local quilt shop and no one had one of these things. I had to get mine from Etsy. After making this bag, I immediately went and bought 3 more because it is my new favorite hardware!!!! So cute! And very easy to install. I am in love with the thumb catch.

This bag came together fairly easily. I had a few hangups with fitting the hardware I chose to the back tunnel, but I was able to adjust and everything still worked out. The bag is bigger than it looks too. Plus it has 2 zipper pockets, a large patch pocket inside and the outer contrast fabric is a pocket. So clever. This is my first pattern from Mrs. H, but I will have to check her store out. I'm quite pleased with the final result and will most definitely be making another version for myself.

And look...real pictures (not crappy cell phone pics) yeah! :)

Edited to link up to SEWJo Saturday, check out what the rest of the world is crafting this week.
SEWJo Saturday

front with flap open

Hanging on the front porch (rock collection in the back thanks to kiddos)

Inside view, smaller polka dots coordinate with front

Front view with flap shut, adorable thumb catch ***LOVES***

Back view, additional hooks for backpack conversion


  1. Looks great! Love dots as well :-)

  2. What a great looking bag! I'm sure she'll love it.

  3. Beautiful bag, the dots are perfect!

  4. This looks great, I love the dots.


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