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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Typewriter Bee Sweet Bag

Today I'm sharing my Bee Sweet Bag from Sara Lawson's Big City Bags book. I struggled with this bag because my original plan did not work at all. I tried to quilt the main panels using some floral fabrics and this awesome Just My Type print....and they looked ok, but I don't think they would have worked with this pattern. So I almost gave up, thinking I just wouldn't make this bag. However, I had already cut the Letterpress print to use for the lining....and I hate to waste fabric!


Since I love the prints so much, I decided to use my cut pieces for the exterior and the typewriter print for accents and lining. I'm so glad I stuck with it! I love the final result! I made just a couple of modifications. Instead of using a blanket stitch or applique for the accent, I cut the piece 1/2" bigger than suggested. Then I sewed a 1/2" line of basting stitches, clipped very close and turned it under. I was able to sew a nice clean line this way. I'm not big on a raw seam, no matter how it's finished, especially with a cotton fabric.

I also had to add some accent pieces for handle tabs since I couldn't find pre-punched handles that I liked. I borrowed these tabs from Sara's Park West Bag, and they also worked quite well. For the lining, I added a zippered pocket with a big pop of color. I do luvs me some color!
Bee Sweet Bag Inside view
Bee Sweet Front view, with Handles

Bee Sweet Bag front with strap

Bee Sweet Bag back view

Overall I do like this bag, but I miss having a zippered closure. The more bags I make, the less I care for a single snap closure. I also interfaced with Soft and Stable which helps the bag hold up to the weight of these handles, but it made the flap want to stand straight up! When I was all finished, I snapped the flap down and clipped wonder clips all along the top of the flap overnight. It was much more cooperative after that. I found the measurements to be spot on with this bag. I didn't have any problems with the pattern as written. I'm just not sure what I'll do with this doesn't have an "everyday" feel to it. It will probably hang out in my sewing room as eye candy until further notice. I do enjoy looking at it though. The hardware and the fabric look so good together...I love it when my visions work out!

Linking up to the Big City Bags SAL at Sewing with Squeak

Next month is the Oh Spit! Diaper bag...I'm still deciding if I want to make that one or not. My diaper toting days are over (YEAH!!!!) and I don't know anyone that needs a diaper bag...but maybe i could modify it for another use? We'll see, right now I'm off to test a pattern for Sarah Markos...super excited!!!!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Poolside Jumbo Tote from Noodlehead

Hey another finish today...and it's so cute. This is the Poolside Tote from Noodlehead that is the May Bag of the Month. I added "jumbo" because it is...this thing is huge! Perfect for toting to the beach...or the Splashpad if you don't have a beach (like me).

It has a zippered pocket on the front that has a very clever installation. It uses a zipper facing and looks very cool when finished. The whole thing sews together very quick. I cut everything out one night and sewed it all the next. I didn't finish it all in one night, but I would have if I hadn't made a big error while cutting my pieces...right here....

See those extra seams on the facing? Well, if you've never used a PDF pattern before, you often have to "piece" pattern sections together since they don't fit to print on a single sheet of paper. The instructions were quite clear for this pattern, but I was cutting late at night and I may have been listening to the stand-up comedian that my husband was listening to on Netflix as well. So, I forgot to add a little section to the facing piece, about 3 inches long. When it came time to add my facing to the bag (the last step too!) I was about 6 inches short on each side!!! 6 inches??? I was so perplexed. Once in a while, things don't quite fit, but 6 inches is more than a minor bit. So I had to dig the pattern pieces back out and of course I found the missing 6 inches. Luckily, I was able to just undo 2 seams on the facing and add the missing sections. It's not as pretty as a single piece, but it worked out.

I also added a zippered pocket to the lining, just because. I'm thinking I might use this bag for the gym and I like a little security for my Ipod and phone, rather than just tossing them inside with everything else. This pattern is my second from Noodlehead and I really like Anna's style. Also, her measurements are spot on (provided you follow them correctly). I love that from a designer. Really fun to the next project.

Linking up this fun little number to SewJo Saturday

This bag is popping up all over the Flickr group and can be seen here: Flickr

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Winner Winner Fabric Dinner! (And a finish!)

The Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day (week) is officially over. Thanks for all you comments and visits! It was wonderful to read them and to earn 30 new followers! Thank you all. And now for the winner of the little fabric stash builder I offered:

<iframe src=";buttontxt=Generate&amp;width=160&amp;height=200&amp;border=on&amp;bgcolor=%23FFFFFF&amp;txtcolor=%23777777&amp;altbgcolor=%23CCCCFF&amp;alttxtcolor=%23000000&amp;defaultmin=1&amp;defaultmax=318&amp;fixed=on" frameborder="0" width="160" height="200" scrolling="no" longdesc="">
The numbers generated by this widget come from RANDOM.ORG's true random number generator.

Now, if you entered the giveaway, you know that I'm a new blogger. So, I was pretty excited to figure out how to use the famous "Mr. Random". I was bummed to realize that my comments were not numbered. Note to self: Learn how to make numbered comments prior to the next giveaway. Luckily, I didn't have to count too high.

Edited: Ok, didn't quite figure out how to make "Mr. Random" appear on the blog correctly, you'll have to trust me that he picked 44.

#44 Congrats to SewGirl that said "I love tutorials, but also am interested in beautifully done items, no matter what the medium."

Me too Sewgirl! And I actually had a finish this week, so here is the quick and dirty on my Bye Bye Love bag. This pattern is the January Bag of the Month. I do realize it's almost comments on my slowness please :)

So the bag is awesome...once you get past that main zipper install. I will admit, I had to scratch my head several times. The first side installed very easily, but the second side seemed's not. It just took some finagling around the bag and some hand sewing where the side seams meet the zipper top. The pockets on the front are my favorite feature. Adds some style and fits my phone perfectly!!! I love having a set place to put my phone. I used fusible fleece to line the exterior and shape flex for the lining. It has just the right "slouchiness" to it. Still good shape, but not as much as Soft and Stable gives. I like a little slouch. Aside from the zipper, my only problem was with the handle's a close up
Those tabs...are not identical. And they look slightly different than the ones on the other side too. I even redid 2 of them,...a minor imperfection....I'm trying to get over it.Trying...trying....



Inside...complete with cat hair (sighs)...added a zippered pocket instead of a second patch pocket

Front snap pockets....LOVE!!!

Super fun handles, look like piping, but really just folded in half and stitched down, also LOVE!

Hope everyone had a great week, I know I got a little overwhelmed with all the giveaways, but I also found lots of new blogs to follow. The inspiration never ends!

Friday, May 16, 2014

MQG Michael Miller Fabric Challenge

In February I joined the Modern Quilt Guild as an individual member. My city doesn't have a local chapter, so I thought being an online member would be useful to learn some new skills, etc...

They were starting the Michael Miller Fabric challenge back then, so of course I signed up! The winners will receive a year's worth of MM fabric...great prize!!! They send you 6 fat 1/8s of a fabric line and the mission is to create something quilted.

This is the fabric:

I like the blue print on the left, LOVE the yellow print that comes next and feel "eh" about the rest. So I decided I needed to get some other fabric to coordinate for my project and I came up with this stuff...You can use any other MM print or solid.

How much do I love this fun typewriter text print??? LOVE!!!!! So muches!

And I made a sketch, thinking the text prints would be buildings of some sort and the florals cold be an organic shape in the middle...with sun and sky made using small squares or triangles....something like this:
Nice plan, right? Well, reality has spoken to me and I know there is zero chance of me getting this done by the deadline (June 19th, I think). Let's not forget my poor triangle quilt has yet to see backing. So, I'm going to make what I know and love...a quilted bag! Hopefully the Bee Sweet Bag from Sara Lawson's Big City Bags book. It's the bag of the month from the SAL at Sewing with Squeak The challenge says anything quilted, but quilts seem to win, and deserve to....I've been floored by the creations people have made. Very inspiring and impressive!

So stay tuned, hoping to have a finish that I can show you when I announce the Sew Mama Sew giveaway winner and then the Bee Sweet Bag is next on my list....still time to enter the giveaway, it's open until noon tomorrow. And thanks for all the great comments! It's been so fun and helpful reading through them.


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day!

Hi everyone from the fabulous Sew Mama Sew! Welcome to the BubblegumBags Blog. You can read more about me if you'd like, but basically I am a life-long sewist that just recently discovered the wonder of the online crafting world. This blog is my space to stay motivated with my endless WIP list and to share some inspiration with other crafters. My blog is still in diapers, but I wanted to participate in the SMS giveaway day since that blog was one of my first discoveries last fall. I was thumbing around the internet trying to figure out how to make my own bias binding and I found a tutorial on SMS. It just happened to be giveaway day then too....needless to say, I've been a frequent visitor to many blogs everyday since.

So, here is a giveaway for my fellow fabric hoarders...from my stash to yours.

I have a fat quarter bundle from Pink Castle Fabrics, a quilt shop that I have ordered from more times than I care to count. It includes the following:

1. Joel Dewberry True Colors Woodgrain in Dill
2. AMH Sealing Wax in Peridot
3. Oval Elements in Mood Indigo
4. Jewel in Dark Blue
5. Joel Dewberry True Colors Woodgrain in Straw
6. Script in Honeycomb

The bundle also includes two 1/2 yard cuts of solid fabric. The green is "Leaf Green" from Free Spirit Designer solids and the yellow is "Cheddar" from the Robert Kaufman Kona solid line. Apologies for the shadows in the pics, I was running desperately out of sun and time to get these photographed!

To win, please leave a comment telling me what you look for most in a blog. What brings you back, what tutorials are the most exciting for you? As a new blogger, I'm looking for advice from you guys! Tell me what makes your favorite blogs special to you. This giveaway will be open until Saturday May 17th at noon EST, international crafters are welcome too. One winner will be chosen at random.  Thanks in advance for your comments and to Sew Mama Sew for sponsoring such a fun event!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Are you a "No-Reply" Blogger????

Are you a "no-reply" Blogger???

I was and I didn't even realize it! It's not easy to find how to fix it on your own, but I came across this great tutorial that walks you through how to fix the problem.

Fix your no reply blogger status here.

It's hard to interact (and win fun giveaways) if no one can reach you. With the big SMS giveaway day coming up, make sure you're not a no reply blogger too!

Special thanks to Fluster Buster for posting this great info!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Summersault Aragon Bag

Mother's Day is this coming Sunday and I have a great mom. I made an everyday bag for her that I blogged about here Mother's Day Bag She has loved it so far, but what she really needed was a new overnighter. My husband and I are very lucky that she lives close enough to stay the night and help with the kids when we need some adult time. So I decided to make her an Aragon bag from Sew Sweetness I've made one other Aragon Bag, so I knew it was a great pattern. The only thing I changed on mom's bag was to use Soft and Stable for the interfacing. The first time I used my stand by combo of decor-bond followed by fusible fleece. I think I prefer the traditional interfacing. Soft and Stable is nice for some projects, but I don't care for it around zippers so much. It is nice not having to fuse all those pieces together though, that is one of my least favorite steps.

This bag was made using one of my all-time favorite fabric lines- Summersault by Erin McMorris. It's from FreeSpirit and I have been hoarding it in 3 colorways for just the right project. The solid is called "Grass" and I think it's an RJR, but I could be wrong about that. It came in my "No Prints Allowed" club stack last month and matches perfectly. Love it when that happens! I also added purse feet to this bag and let me be honest...I LUV purse feet. Definitely my new favorite hardware, Really adds a little more professionalism to the project.

The only problem I ran into, yet again, was my nemesis.....BIAS BINDING. Oh how I loathe thee!!!
I have come to the conclusion that the only way I can make bias binding look good is to hand sew every inch of it. When I use my machine, it just shifts and pulls off the seams, causing me so much frustration. Next time...I will commit to hand sewing before I ever get to that point. Sara Lawson actually comments that you may want to make the bag with the binding on the outside. Uh, no way. All my "professionalism" would be down the toilet if I tired that!  I'm grateful it's on the inside and mostly hidden by seams.

So Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there! I'm back to work tomorrow, so minimal (if any) sewing for Betsy. After next week though I have 3 whole weeks off...wo-hoo!!! Hoping to get lots crossed off the to-do list. Thanks for stopping by!

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