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Friday, May 16, 2014

MQG Michael Miller Fabric Challenge

In February I joined the Modern Quilt Guild as an individual member. My city doesn't have a local chapter, so I thought being an online member would be useful to learn some new skills, etc...

They were starting the Michael Miller Fabric challenge back then, so of course I signed up! The winners will receive a year's worth of MM fabric...great prize!!! They send you 6 fat 1/8s of a fabric line and the mission is to create something quilted.

This is the fabric:

I like the blue print on the left, LOVE the yellow print that comes next and feel "eh" about the rest. So I decided I needed to get some other fabric to coordinate for my project and I came up with this stuff...You can use any other MM print or solid.

How much do I love this fun typewriter text print??? LOVE!!!!! So muches!

And I made a sketch, thinking the text prints would be buildings of some sort and the florals cold be an organic shape in the middle...with sun and sky made using small squares or triangles....something like this:
Nice plan, right? Well, reality has spoken to me and I know there is zero chance of me getting this done by the deadline (June 19th, I think). Let's not forget my poor triangle quilt has yet to see backing. So, I'm going to make what I know and love...a quilted bag! Hopefully the Bee Sweet Bag from Sara Lawson's Big City Bags book. It's the bag of the month from the SAL at Sewing with Squeak The challenge says anything quilted, but quilts seem to win, and deserve to....I've been floored by the creations people have made. Very inspiring and impressive!

So stay tuned, hoping to have a finish that I can show you when I announce the Sew Mama Sew giveaway winner and then the Bee Sweet Bag is next on my list....still time to enter the giveaway, it's open until noon tomorrow. And thanks for all the great comments! It's been so fun and helpful reading through them.


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