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Monday, May 19, 2014

Poolside Jumbo Tote from Noodlehead

Hey another finish today...and it's so cute. This is the Poolside Tote from Noodlehead that is the May Bag of the Month. I added "jumbo" because it is...this thing is huge! Perfect for toting to the beach...or the Splashpad if you don't have a beach (like me).

It has a zippered pocket on the front that has a very clever installation. It uses a zipper facing and looks very cool when finished. The whole thing sews together very quick. I cut everything out one night and sewed it all the next. I didn't finish it all in one night, but I would have if I hadn't made a big error while cutting my pieces...right here....

See those extra seams on the facing? Well, if you've never used a PDF pattern before, you often have to "piece" pattern sections together since they don't fit to print on a single sheet of paper. The instructions were quite clear for this pattern, but I was cutting late at night and I may have been listening to the stand-up comedian that my husband was listening to on Netflix as well. So, I forgot to add a little section to the facing piece, about 3 inches long. When it came time to add my facing to the bag (the last step too!) I was about 6 inches short on each side!!! 6 inches??? I was so perplexed. Once in a while, things don't quite fit, but 6 inches is more than a minor bit. So I had to dig the pattern pieces back out and of course I found the missing 6 inches. Luckily, I was able to just undo 2 seams on the facing and add the missing sections. It's not as pretty as a single piece, but it worked out.

I also added a zippered pocket to the lining, just because. I'm thinking I might use this bag for the gym and I like a little security for my Ipod and phone, rather than just tossing them inside with everything else. This pattern is my second from Noodlehead and I really like Anna's style. Also, her measurements are spot on (provided you follow them correctly). I love that from a designer. Really fun to the next project.

Linking up this fun little number to SewJo Saturday

This bag is popping up all over the Flickr group and can be seen here: Flickr


  1. Cute! Fun colors for summer!

  2. I was going to write cute summer bag! So, ditto to Sarah above :)

  3. Great pool bag! Thank you for linking up to SEWjo Saturday!

  4. Great colours for a beach bag and I love the lining fabric, that would work great the other way around as well, the Lime Green has real pop! Looks perfect too, can't tell you had an oops moment anywhere.

  5. I'm glad you found the 6 inches you were missing. Things like that have happened to me when I have made bags. Your bag is pretty. I especially love the polka dot straps.

  6. Love these fabrics together. It definitely has a beach feel :)


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