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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Typewriter Bee Sweet Bag

Today I'm sharing my Bee Sweet Bag from Sara Lawson's Big City Bags book. I struggled with this bag because my original plan did not work at all. I tried to quilt the main panels using some floral fabrics and this awesome Just My Type print....and they looked ok, but I don't think they would have worked with this pattern. So I almost gave up, thinking I just wouldn't make this bag. However, I had already cut the Letterpress print to use for the lining....and I hate to waste fabric!


Since I love the prints so much, I decided to use my cut pieces for the exterior and the typewriter print for accents and lining. I'm so glad I stuck with it! I love the final result! I made just a couple of modifications. Instead of using a blanket stitch or applique for the accent, I cut the piece 1/2" bigger than suggested. Then I sewed a 1/2" line of basting stitches, clipped very close and turned it under. I was able to sew a nice clean line this way. I'm not big on a raw seam, no matter how it's finished, especially with a cotton fabric.

I also had to add some accent pieces for handle tabs since I couldn't find pre-punched handles that I liked. I borrowed these tabs from Sara's Park West Bag, and they also worked quite well. For the lining, I added a zippered pocket with a big pop of color. I do luvs me some color!
Bee Sweet Bag Inside view
Bee Sweet Front view, with Handles

Bee Sweet Bag front with strap

Bee Sweet Bag back view

Overall I do like this bag, but I miss having a zippered closure. The more bags I make, the less I care for a single snap closure. I also interfaced with Soft and Stable which helps the bag hold up to the weight of these handles, but it made the flap want to stand straight up! When I was all finished, I snapped the flap down and clipped wonder clips all along the top of the flap overnight. It was much more cooperative after that. I found the measurements to be spot on with this bag. I didn't have any problems with the pattern as written. I'm just not sure what I'll do with this doesn't have an "everyday" feel to it. It will probably hang out in my sewing room as eye candy until further notice. I do enjoy looking at it though. The hardware and the fabric look so good together...I love it when my visions work out!

Linking up to the Big City Bags SAL at Sewing with Squeak

Next month is the Oh Spit! Diaper bag...I'm still deciding if I want to make that one or not. My diaper toting days are over (YEAH!!!!) and I don't know anyone that needs a diaper bag...but maybe i could modify it for another use? We'll see, right now I'm off to test a pattern for Sarah Markos...super excited!!!!


  1. I like the fabrics. Not too crazy but still fun. Good luck in this months drawing!

  2. Love your fabric! Your bag turned out nice.

    I am using the same typewriter print, different colorway on my flap as well!

  3. I also have trouble with my flap 'flapping'. but I did find that the bag is the perfect size for carrying my laptop in.

  4. So glad you persevered and completed the bag. It turned out so nice. Great job!


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