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Friday, July 11, 2014

Midtown Messenger Bag

I finally got around to making an April bag from the Bag of the Month Club. It's a messenger bag designed by Betz White. I wasn't really excited about this pattern when I first saw it, but I wanted to give it a try anyway. I really like the finished bag.

I used some vintage linen/cotton blend that features old tickets and advertisements. It's a very fun print. I combined it with my new favorite, Just My Type, line from Michael Miller fabrics. I like how the red really contrasts and pops against the mild colors from the other print. The pattern is pretty easy to follow....expect for one error that I made. When it came time to flip the bag right side out (so this is at the end of the project)....sigh, my zipper panel was upside down!!! Upside down!?!?!? How did that happen? Well, the pattern uses drawn pictures rather than actual photos of the construction. So, when it came time to put the zipper panel together, I thought the zipper was face down. Turns out, it was supposed to be face up. Fortunately, I could simply undo the panels and flip the zipper, then resew. It was a little awkward to get through the machine, but certainly doable. Just another reason I always prefer actual photos to sketches of drawings in patterns.

My messenger...not sure what I'm going to do with bag, since it's really not "my style" but it looks cute hanging in my sewing room for the moment.

Front flap, really wish I would have fussy cut this piece, but I never can figure out how things go together until I do it.


  1. Yours turned out really cute!!! I haven't made any of the bag of the month patterns yet... I had such good intentions too!

  2. Your Mid-town messenger looks good. I love the fabric choices you have made.
    I too was disappointed when I saw this in the bag of the month patterns - why would one need a messenger bag pattern when there are soooo many free versions and tutes for an almost identical bag. I couldn't see anything to set it apart from the many free versions. Having said that my daughter wants a messenger bag and I temporarily forgot i had the pattern so went hunting ideas on pinterest. then I saw pictures for the MTM and remembered I had a copy of the pattern. I checked the size and it is the size she wants and when she saw it she loved it. So now I am glad that I have it. :) I have it on my list to get it made...
    I will take note of the zipper pocket sketch so that when I get to mine, I don't make the same mistake. What is it with sketches instead of photos in this digital age?

    Have you found a use for your messenger bag yet? I have unite a few bags that i have made which I am not sure what to do with them. Some I have made with a purpose in mind, only to later discover they aren't quite suitable for that purpose. sigh. The bag I am using for my everyday bag is now faded and looking very sad - I really must get around to making another of that style.


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