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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Not-So-Lucky Denver Mint Bag

This month's bag for the Big City Bags SAL over at Sewing with Squeak is the Lucky Denver Mint Bag. I was really excited about this bag and found some fab butterfly print that had been hiding in my stash for ages. I paired it with some gray fat quarters that I intended to piece together and got to work.

Well here it is standing up, which is how I had pictured myself carrying it.

See the problem? These handles are ridiculously short. The pattern calls for them to be 24" long. I pieced them together, but they were 24" total when I was finished. They need to be more like 28-30". So I am quite disappointed, but I thought maybe it could be salvaged because the bag is designed to fold down on it's self, thus making your handles a little longer like this.

And I have to admit, it's pretty cute like this...hanging on a hook anyways. As for functionality, not so great. The top does not stay down while you're using the bag. There is nothing (snap, turn lock, whatever) to hold the top down. I had to try it out for a few days to see how it worked. It didn't work well at all. The top keeps flopping up, making the handles hard to grasp and the the interior is quite deep with only 2 tiny patch pockets to help organize way at the bottom of the bag.

You can hardly see them way down at the bottom, plus they are really small and again, lack functionality. This bag feels very similar to the Bye Bye Love pattern that Sara Lawson released with the Bag of the Month Club, but that pattern is much better. I suppose I could unpick my straps and add more pieces to them if I really want to save the project. I don't know if I'll do that or not. This bag is just not a favorite, despite the adorable fabric that I think looks really nice with the gray pieces. So I'll be linking up to the SAL and hanging this one in my sewing room as a "maybe I'll fix that someday project". I do like the Bye Bye Love pattern and will use that one in the future if I'm looking for a similar bag. It's just a better design. I wouldn't call this project an epic fail, but not-so-lucky seems appropriate. I'm anxious to see what the other sewists thought about the pattern.


  1. Betsy, I love your fabric choices! They really made for an adorable little bag. Hope you get some use out of it!!

    Thought the same thing about the handles and about the interior pockets. I do like the bag style though and will probably make it again with some changes.

  2. Betsy,my thoughts exactly! Although I am not a fan of this style bag at all. So the one I made will be finding a new home,maybe as a Christmas gift... I do really love the fabrics you used in your bag!

    Also I commented on your flickr post about the fabric pull,but I guess you did not see the comment about the short handles in time :(

  3. That's so disappointing because it's so cute!! I have several of the "maybe I'll fix it one day" items in a pile in my work room too :)

  4. That fabric is too lovely to go to waste! And think about the time you already spent on it. You should really try to fix it and wear it. Looking at my pile of rejects, I don't always practice what I preach. :-)

  5. Were you able to send some feed back to the pattern designer? She may make some changes to the pattern and perhaps even refund your cost if you ask as that is a design fault and should have been picked up in the testing phase - if she pattern tests her bags. I won't buy a pattern now unless I know that it goes through some kind of test process.
    Your fabric however is cute.
    Another thought... could it be salvaged as a basket to store something, perhaps in your craft space?


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