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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Triangle quilt fnished!

After months of sitting in the WIP pile, the triangle quilt is finally finished! Wo-hoo!!!
I was debating forever on how to back this quilt and the whole thing came to a stand still while I was trying to decide what to do. Along came the organization bug and I found the most fabulous fuzzy, minky, fleece in my stash! When did I buy this stuff? I don't even remember. I don't remember why I would have bought it either, especially since it's orange and I don't usually care for orange much. All that being said, I had 2 yards of this extra wide stuff and it was the perfect backing for this colorful quilt! Hooray!

I love this quilt now. It's warm, colorful, fun, and simple quilting made it pretty easy to finish. I made this quilt intending to put it in my sewing room. I have a spare bed in there that currently has a hideous old comforter on it, but my children have fallen in love with this quilt too.

I used the orange/pink and blue/green diamond swirls from the quilt as binding. I put the blue/green on the orangish side of the quilt and the orange/pink on the bluish side. It looks pretty good. I'm quite pleased, especially since this is only my second completed quilt.

More to come I hope....never realized how much of a commitment a quilt really is. From the initial design to the last hand stitch...whew! I'm hoping to get some better pictures soon. The shadows were a menace this morning, but I didn't want to miss the link up for the triangle quilt-a-long over at the Sassy Quilter

Here's a better full-frontal and backside view. Plus a close up of a mitered corner (so proud!) Thank you Craftsy!


  1. Great job and congrats on your second quilt finish! It is beautiful. My kids tend to claim all the quilts that I complete too.....they all love something Mom makes.

  2. Beautiful finish! I am laughing because I have wondered the same thing about some things in my stash too:) Looks perfect, but I think you will have to wrestle it from the little ones!

  3. Wow it looks beautiful. Great choice of colors :) Love it :)


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