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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Rainbow Roadtrip Case

I've been drooling over the Roadtrip Case pattern from Noodle-Head for quite some time, but I just hadn't taken the time to put it on my never-ending "to do" list. When Purse Palooza rolled around this year and the Roadtrip Case was the first pattern to be reviewed, I decided it was a sign from the crafting spirits that I needed to make one! I purchased the pattern and got straight to work.

I kinda had a vision in my mind of adding some rainbow patchwork to a black and white background pallet. I made these quilted coasters for a Flickr swap and I wanted to play on this idea some more.

I initially was planning to gift this case to one of my other swap partners, and I may still do that--- but I might just keep it for myself! What a fantastic and functional pattern! It comes together very quickly, and you basically have a blank canvas to add any special quilting or piecing features that tickle your fancy on the main exterior. I love that! I was a little nervous about sewing with the vinyl that is used to make a zippered inside pocket, but it was very smooth and easy. I used a denim needle and the Juki had no complaints.

Across from the vinyl pocket, you also have some long pockets with flaps. They are separated down the middle and then divided vertically, however you would like. I put magnetic snaps on my flaps, but you could also use hem tape, velcro, or a button and loop closure. It's very customizable to your wishes. The only real modification I made was to use quilt binding around the outside rather than bias tape as suggested by the pattern. If you've followed me at all, you know how I feel about bias tape. The quilt binding worked perfect. The only modification I might make on my next Roadtrip Case would be to omit the button and loop closure on the front. It just seems a little cumbersome to me. I might try magnetic snaps or velcro instead. Overall though, this pattern is a new favorite and I see more Roadtrip cases in my future! Think gifts for crafting friends, kids, artists, who couldn't use a little more organization in their life??

So here are some pics of the finished product. I think my vision played out pretty well. The black and white print is "Quilter's News" and it is hilarious. Since this was made with a quilter friend in mind, I thought it was fitting. Now I just need to decide if I can stand to gift it away!

Front of Bag hanging

Close-up of patchwork

Backside, such a fun print!

Inside view, clear vinyl pocket and 4 patch pockets with flaps and pleats, so they can hold a lot!

Trying to give an inside view of the pockets. Polka dot lining, I can't resist dots!!!

This bag will be my last entry for Purse Palooza 2014 too. It's been fun and I'm already excited about what the next year of crafting holds!

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