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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Handmade Gnome Ornaments and Basket

In an effort to calm my "grinchiness" as the Christmas season approaches, I joined an Instagram swap for handmade ornaments. Our mission was to make 3 handmade ornaments for a secret partner based on her likes/dislikes. Any crafting medium could be used and my partner mentioned liking gnomes. I didn't realize gnomes were a Christmasy thing. I didn't know how much gnome related goodness there is in the fabric world either! I was surprised once I started looking online for ideas. I tried to make a felt gnome, but he was scary looking. I decided I could use some cute fabric and make some "mushrooms" instead. Gnomes live in mushrooms, I think. I drafted the little pattern myself and tried to make them somewhat "wonky". 

I ended up with 3 gnomes, Sleepy, Hungry, and Clark. Each one is quilted differently. Clark is the one with the green dotted 'shroom. His top is quilted with metallic variegated thread, so he's the Clark Griswald of the gnome village. I also made a fabric basket to gift to my partner, since I had already bought the fabric and she is primarily a knitter. I know nothing about knitting, but I'm thinking everyone can use a fabric basket. Overall I think it all looks cute together and hopefully she will like them. 

3 little gnomes

with a basket




Gnome Basket 

Gnome basket inside view

These little guys are off to there new home this week. I hope they make someone smile. :)

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