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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Rachel's Birthday Bag

My sweet niece Rachel will be a teenager next month, and deserves a new bag! I asked her what kind she might like, and she told me that she liked the Convertible Bag from Sewing Patterns by Mrs. H. I had made one of these bags last year for her sister's birthday as well. Rachel also said, "I like pink." So, I got to work and came up with this little number....and might I mention that it is ready almost a month early! Wo-hooo!!! I do relish in the small victories whenever possible.

This bag is really cool because it can be worn cross body, or converted into a backpack. It's actually pretty simple to put together also. Rachel liked this polka dot print, but I had only a small amount of it leftover from another project, so I improvised with a fun HST panel and some solid pink on the front pocket and strap. This bag is little, but has great features. It has 2 zippered pockets, a slip pocket on the front and on the inside. I also quilted a 2 inch grid on the main pieces with a contrasting pink thread. I've been really into contrasting thread lately, and I like how the quilting adds some more detail.

I really love this pattern and this is the third bag I've made from it. The one thing I've learned is to reinforce all the various tabs extensively. Lots of tension on those if used regularly. Here are some more pics...

backpack version back
Cross body version back

Backpack version front. 
Cross body version front

Inside view, more dots, of course. 
Linking up to Purse Palooza 2014 at Sew Sweetness  Lots of great handmade bags to look at over there. I'm always impressed by the craftiness in this world!


  1. Wow, this bag is a winner! I found your blog through Purse Palooza.

  2. She is gonna LOVE it!!!
    (I'll try to keep this post hidden.)

  3. I'm so pleased you like the pattern, this bag looks gorgeous! I love the quilting on it, it really makes it pop! x


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