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Thursday, November 5, 2015

A few Zip and Go bags

I have discovered a new pattern and I'm in love (again!) It seems like I always love my most recent finishes the most, and this little Zip and Go pattern from Dog Under my Desk is no exception. Erin Gilbey created this pattern and she is self-proclaimed to be meticulous with her instructions. This bag looks simple, and the construction really is pretty easy...but it's amazing at the same time.

One of my favorite things about a meticulous pattern is that details matter. So these zippered pockets are clean all the way around. I know that no one "sees" the inside of a zippered pocket, but I know when a raw edge is there or when it's carefully concealed like this....

Isn't that pretty???!

I think it took more time to cut and interface this bag than actually sew it. The end result is a very cute cross body bag that has two separate zippered compartments. I think it would be perfect for just the essentials:  wallet, keys, phone, lip gloss; but it's big enough to hold a passport if needed. I'm quite in love with the design and the end result...I liked the first one so much, I made 2 more...and I can now check 3 Christmas gifts off the 2015 list. Woo-Woot!

A trio of pretty bags

With zips open

Inside view

Inside view

My favorite one!

Linking up to Purse Palooza 2015...go check out the great bags for more inspiration. 

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