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Hello all! My name is Betsy and by day I am a wife, mother of 2, and full-time pharmacist. I work a crazy schedule that consists of 10 hour nights,  7 nights in a row followed by 7 glorious days off. During the "work week" I do very little crafting as I am working, sleeping, and trying to maintain my household. During the "off week" I take to the sanctuary of my sewing room once the boys are in bed and sew the night away (sewing for my sanity). Crafting has always been relaxing and rejuvenating for me. 

I love to make bags, bags, and more bags! I have also starting quilting thanks to some Craftsy classes and the amazing blogging world. I started my own blog as a way to keep motivated with my never ending list of projects and share what I learn with others that may be interested in something new. I have been humbled and inspired by the craftiness that exists on the internet. I'm happy to be a part of it and glad that you stopped by today. Let's make something together!

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  1. I am so happy I found your blog, I am a freshman in college and I want to be a pharmacist! And, of course, I love to sew!


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